The mission of the SATA Doubles Flex Tennis League is to provide additional competitive playing opportunities, outside of SATA's adult league seasons, and in particular, provide doubles players a competitive means for practicing with a specific partner. This league is flexible enough to involve those who could not commit to a set playing time each week. Doubles flex league does not affect your NTRP rating. Like our adult leagues, the age qualification is 18 and over - a player is eligible the calendar year in which they turn 18.

- A new match is assigned every week.
- Matches are to be completed within two weeks of the scheduled date unless otherwise noted.
- League schedules are posted online through tennislink.
- There is a home team and a visiting team assigned for the match.
- The roster for making contact can be found on your USTA League Page or My Teams Page. When you click the opposing team, you will see their contact information.
- Technically it is up to the "home" team to make contact to schedule the match. However, either team can call or email the other first to establish communication.
You may even want to do this early before the date assigned staying ahead of the schedule. If you need to go out of town, you may arrange to play a match early before it is assigned, if you can work it out with your opponents.

Teams consist of 2-3 players.  Each team must have 2 players registered prior to the generation of the league schedule.  A 3rd player may be added at any time during the season to help accomodate injuries and scheduling.  The 3rd player must be registered on the team roster through Tennislink before they play a match. 

- Once a match is scheduled, if either team cancels, that is a default.
- Because the intent of this league is to provide more playing opportunities, a team may choose to be flexible and reschedule, but a team is not obligated to do so. Please also consider that taking a default or not, may have an impact on the rest of your flight and their schedules.

- Communication is key for this league to run smoothly.
- Each player will furnish an email address and a phone number so that others can reach you and this information is available in Tennislink.
- Please check the given email and/or phone often and respond promptly when contacted by any opponent.
- Please contact the coordinator if you are having difficulties in contacting your opponent.
- If you change your contact email or phone number, please immediately contact the flex coordinator with the updated information.

- Players may agree on where and when to play.
- The home team has the first choice of what courts to play the match.
- The home team is responsible for reserving a court.
- The home team is responsible for paying any court fees for both teams, if applicable.
- The home team is responsible to supply an unopened can of balls (appropriate for that surface) to the match.

- Each match will be played best 2 out of 3 sets.
- Ad scoring.
- The Coman tie-break procedure should be followed for set tie-breaks.
- All USTA rules apply.

- Members and guests must follow appropriate rules at the court site, particularly as it pertains to dress code. Members please let opponent know of any unknown club-specific rules before match time.
- You must wear tennis shoes appropriate for clay courts.
- Bathrooms and proper lighting (if playing a night match) must be available at each site.

- You must call ahead to reserve a court.
- There is a court fee to use city courts. SATA does not set or collect court fees.

- The scores for each match are due to be entered into Tennislink within two weeks from the assigned match date.
- Either team can enter the score.
- After one team has entered the score, the other team should confirm the results.

Coordinator - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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